Acoustical and Sound Proofing

We are a certified installer of International Cellulose Corporation (ICC) spray products! Looking for the most effective acoustical insulation control? Look no further than Slagel insulation! View the different acoustical and soundproofing insulations we offer below and find one that works best for you!





K-13 insulation is a spray-applied thermal and acoustic insulation that can be sprayed onto exposed ceilings and other surfaces. This application method is highly convenient and does not require any barriers or additional materials on top of it to function effectively. K -13 insulation has several benefits and features which are listed below: 

: Because K-13 is spray-on insulation, it does not require an especially smooth surface for application. K-13 will fill in cracks, seams, and voids in other materials, allowing it to standardize and maximize thermal and acoustical insulation across any given surface.
APPEARANCE: K-13 is available in an array of colors like black, white, brown, and other neutrals, as well as more expressive colors like purple, yellow, red, and more. Combined with its attractive texture, its flexibility makes K-13 insulation capable of functioning as a standalone surface in any stylish or stylized venue. 
ACOUSTICAL CONTROL: K-13 insulation provides enough sound control to improve speech intelligibility in a space while reducing ambient sounds. The end result is that the fibers absorb sound rather than reflect it, reducing reverberation and echoes. This makes them ideal for restaurants, open office plans, manufacturing, churches, gymnasiums, indoor pools, parking garages, schools, entertainment venues, and other similarly noisy spaces. 
K-13 VS. ALTERNATIVE: Alternative insulation products often create an unsightly appearance at a high price. K-13 creates an attractive and natural appearance while also providing excellent insulation through the use of special kinds of cellulose fibers. Those fibers are combined with fire retardants in a systematic manufacturing process. The end result is a powerful insulation spray that looks better than many alternatives and functions in an efficient and safety-conscious way.

ECOFRIENDLY: K-13 insulation is made out of 80% recycled content, which makes it a fantastic choice for architects and contractors who want to incorporate sustainability into their buildings. The materials it’s made from, and its efficiency in thermal insulation means less money and energy spent on air conditioning or heating in the long term, making it an environmentally friendly choice. 
MATERIALS AND COMPATIBILITY: K-13 is free of the common problematic materials found in some insulation products, including glass fibers, asbestos, silica dust, and more. K-13 insulation is compatible with all kinds of substrates. It uses a special adhesive based on water that allows it to adhere to metal, concrete, wood, and a variety of other surfaces, even if they are complex.  

URE-K is a spray-applied 15-minute Thermal Barrier approved to go over exposed applications of polyurethane foam in existing buildings and new construction projects as a combination system to meet mandatory code requirements. URE-K is not foam insulation!

URE-K is made from recycled paper treated with natural flame retardants resulting in an installed product with an exposed finish that also provides acoustic and thermal benefits. URE-K has a natural texture similar to K-13 and is available in four standard colors along with custom colors. 


SonaSpray “fc” is an exposed ceiling acoustical insulation used for acoustical control. SonaSpray “fc” provides an attractive, high-performance solution to acoustical and lighting design objectives in both new construction and renovation projects. SonaSpray “fc” has a refined texture and is available in four standard colors and specially-matched custom colors.

SonaSpray "fc" begins with uniquely prepared cellulose fibers combined with natural fire retardants in a strict, quality-controlled manufacturing process producing a Class A, Class 1 rated material. Offering a more refined finish, SonaSpray "fc" is the ideal solution for noisy environments where aesthetics and performance are key. A typical installation of 1/2″ thick on solid backing can reduce excessive noise by 65%. 

The adhesive used to apply SonaSpray “fc” provides a durable and resilient bond. SonaSpray “fc” will resist impact and abrasion without cracking or spalling, often typical with cementitious or plaster-based materials. In projects requiring additional durability, SonaSpray “fc” Dura-K may be specified to result in even greater bond and compressive strength without reducing the acoustical performance. 

If you have additional questions about this K-13, URE-K, or SonaSpray,  contact us today to learn more!