Slagel Insulation Inc: An Efficient Spray Foam Insulation Company

If comfort and energy-efficiency are important to you, Slagel Insulation’s expert and certified spray foam insulation services are the answer you’re looking for. Spray foam insulation offers a much more efficient and effective solution than traditional insulation materials. Polyurethane was originally conceived in the 1930’s but didn’t see widespread use as home insulation until the first user-friendly spray foam machines were brought to market in the early 1960’s. If your home was built during or before the 70’s (and even to this day!), chances are you’re ill-equipped with insufficient fiberglass or cellulose insulation.
These materials are far inferior to polyurethane foam insulation options.

We here at Slagel Insulation are proud to be numbered among one of Illinois’ earliest spray foam insulation companies in the industry – we began spraying foam in 1975! Our spray foam insulation crew is well trained to provide your home or commercial property with proper insulation that will optimize interior comfort and temperature control. We offer the best insulation for attics as well as basements, crawlspaces, ceilings, and walls.

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